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#CIPD11 is the annual conference from the CIPD. It is Europe's leading Human Resource professionals event.

Over 3 days the Conference offers over 30 sessions covering five key subject areas including retention, talent management, learning and Organisational Development.

There are plenty of free seminars in the exhibition all for those on a budget.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Positive Psychology

In this positive and charged session, Nicky Garcea outlined the concepts as to how this methodology can help improve the performance of an org.

Nicky started the session getting us to share with a person sitting next to us something positive that we had experienced in the last few days. When done she commented on the energy change in the room when activities that focus on strengths are used.

going to great lengths to show that this approach is not 'soft & fluffy' we were told about the performance improvement data from organisations that had implemented this approach.

Case studies showed that performance management approaches that were used in a culture of working to strengths could improve performance by 36%, where as PM approaches that focused on weaknesses could actually reduce performance.

I will write more about this approach later.

A good session with practical implementation tools. A highly engaging speaker, would like to listen to Nicky again.

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